Asian University for Women (AUW)
Position: Director of Human Resources
Unit: Human Resources
Reports to: University Registrar & COO
Start Date: February 1, 2017
Direct Reports: As per office structure

Position Outline:
The Director of Human Resources is a member of the senior management team, with overall responsibility for the management of the Human Resources Office, promoting and implementing human resources policies and procedures by planning and managing the range of HR organization activities, such as Staffing Levels Planning, Recruitment, Employment Contract Management, Performance Management, Employee Complaints and Grievances, and Organization Learning & Development. The Director of Human Resources participates in management meetings and University committees. Other tasks may be occasionally assigned by the University Registrar on as needed basis.

Position Particulars:

  • Review of HR processes:
    • Regular review of HR processes, policies and procedures.
    • Identify gaps/issues in existing HR processes and take measures to rectify those.
    • Ensure HR roles, policy and procedures are consistent and clear to all staff.
    • Ensure HR practices at AUW are compliant with local law and AUW policy and procedures.
    • Review compensation and benefits according to periodical local/foreign market survey.
  • Recruitment:
    • Assist all unit heads in assessing staffing needs and creating a staffing levels plan.
    • Recruit employees by reviewing job descriptions, managing advertising, outsourcing (as needed), short-listing of candidates and assisting in forming interview panels.
    • Ensure that employees being recruited have the necessary qualifications to take on the roles and responsibilities of the position.
    • Manage and oversee recruitment needs of AUW on an on-going basis.
    • Manage job postings for staff/faculty recruitment.
    • Provide recommendations for improvements to the senior management.
    • Receive feedback from recruiting managers and those involved in the recruiting process.
    • Monitor the recruitment progress regularly.
  • Employment Contract Management:
    • Collect/maintain employee Data Forms and maintain a confidential data-base of personal information for all employees.
    • Issue all official employment contracts.
    • Create reports and other statistical information regarding the University workforce.
    • Review/provide information about contract end dates/renewal/termination.
    • Assist other related offices in obtaining employment visa, work permit, security clearance documents.
    • Maintain complete confidential personnel files.
    • Approves, monitors, and reports vacation and other absences for all staff.
    • Arrange for coverage for vacation and long-term absences as required.
  • Performance Management:
    • Create and manage a performance management system.
    • Support line managers regarding all aspects of performance management.
    • Create and maintain a calendar regarding performance management deliverables and deadlines and distribute to staff.
    • Work with departmental heads to ensure that performance management is completed in a timely fashion.
    • Progress of performance management is monitored regularly and any issues are reported appropriately.
    • Obtain feedback from managers and staff on the value of performance management.
    • Identify issues of poor performance at an early stage and recommend action steps to the line manager in accordance with AUW policies and procedures.
  • Staffing, Induction and Exit Processes:
    • Monitor staff/faculty headcount and report to the Executive Management.
    • Maintain Faculty/ Staff database on a quarterly basis.
    • Support managers with the induction process for all new staff, including advice and assistance with handling the joining formalities i.e. reference checks and making initial offers.
    • Support a formal (and informal) process of handling employee complaints and grievances.
    • Manage the exit process of all staff/faculty leaving the institution.
    • Maintain accurate records regarding the number and reasons for turnover, and provide feedback/analysis to the Executive Management on a quarterly basis.
  • Organization Learning & Development:
    • Develop and implement AUW Learning & Development plan using needs analysis techniques through consultation with all activity streams and department.
    • Manage delivery of the Learning & Development plan, training programs and professional development events.
    • Provide non-academic evaluation reports in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Other:
    • Work as a team with Faculty and Non-Academic staff.
    • Provide guidance and support as and when required.
    • Ensure confidentiality and security of all personnel files and other important documentation at all times.
    • Relevant learning and development opportunities are discussed with the Executive Management and undertaken as agreed.
    • Ensure visas/work permits etc. are in place and up-to-date for all foreign staff.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • 7-10 years of progressively more responsible positions in human resources, preferably in a multicultural and multinational environment; experience of working in an University would be an added advantage.
  • Experience in multiple locations and globally is a plus for the candidates.
  • Master’s Degree in Business or Human Resources Management, or a related field, preferred.
  • Experience supervising and managing a team of professional staff: able to direct the efforts of a team of diverse human resources professionals.
  • Proven record of having served as a trusted resource and member of a senior level management team.
  • Effective communicator in writing,  presentations and in interpersonal communication.
  • Highly developed, demonstrated teamwork skills.
  • Demonstrates a high degree of confidentiality in interpersonal interaction and common sense in working with coworkers and the executive team.
  • Demonstrated ability to increase productivity and continuously improve methods, approaches, and departmental contribution while remaining cost-sensitive.
  • Expert in employment law to keep the university protected at all times and has a proven ability to work well in consultation with an employment law attorney.
  • Experience working in a flexible, employee empowering work environment.
  • Experience in organization development and change management.

We Offer:

  • Professional & multicultural working environment.
  • Attractive compensation package.
  • Comprehensive Group Insurance.
  • Other benefits as per AUW HR policy.

Company Information:
Asian University for Women
20/A, M.M. Ali Road, Chittagong

Deadline: January 07, 2017